Todd SchubleTodd J. Schuble is the Manager of GIS Research for the University of Chicago’s Division of Social Sciences. Todd has also been a Senior Lecturer in the University of Chicago’s Committee on Geographical Studies since 2001. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of Applied/Urban-Economic Geography and GIS. Todd collaborates with notable scientists and researchers from a wide spectrum of disciplines on subjects ranging from economics to agriculture and archeology to medicine. Todd's personal research includes transportation, real estate, and job markets. Todd regularly consults with local governments and corporations on how to maximize their potential through GIS. He has authored numerous research publications along with the book, Careers in GIS: an Unfiltered Guide to Finding a GIS Job.


Chieko MaeneGIS and research specialist, Chieko holds MS in Urban Studies. Her job is to introduce spatial dimension to research. Her specialities are GIS, R, Stata and Python programming. She teaches GIS and spatial analysis using both proprietary (ArcGIS) and open source software (mostly R, but also offers assistance for Python, GDAL/OGR, SQLite/Spatialite programming.) Currently, she is interested in image analysis using remote sensed (satellite, aerial photographic survey) imagery. Sample work is available on Github.